Canvas Warehouser

Take your Canvas LMS data from the cloud and warehouse it locally

Do you want to access all your Canvas data?

So you have bought the leading LMS - Canvas. Now all your rich Canvas data is in the cloud. So how can my institution report on all this lovely data? With the Canvas Warehouser!

The Canvas Warehouser will pull all your Canvas data so it is held locally within your Organisation.

Now you can create in house dashboards on this data. Now you can see this data alongside other datasets and report on them all together.

Is it easy to see up?

Yes all need is a SQL server to store the data (if you don't have one don't worry we can do all this for you in the cloud).

We install the Canvas Warehouse software on the server and give it some Canvas credentials to connect to your data (you can see how to do this here).

What will it do?

Every night the warehouser will pull data from Canvas onto your local server.

The data will be synced. This means if information changes it will be updated. If new information is entered into Canvas it will be added. So a new wiki page is added to a course then this will be added. An existing wiki page is added this will be updated.

We constantly keep the warehouse up to date so that if Canvas introduce new features this data will become available for you!

I've got the data now what?

Now you have all the rich Canvas data at your fingertips you can then create your owns dashboards.

You can answer 1000s of questions including...

  • Which students are logging in and how often?
  • Which students are actively participating?
  • What percentage of courses have quizes, discussions, assignments, wiki pages etc?
  • How are people accessing Canvas? On mobile or tablet or desktop devices?

We can even help you generate the dashboards and reports you need exactly how you need them whether that is in Power BI, Reporting Services, Excel or other dashboard products.

Interested?.... then please contact us here. Contact us